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Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop 1:

Indigenous in the City: Identity, Community, Health, and Spirituality


In recent decades Indigenous peoples around the world have moved to urban areas, as a result of forced migration, war, disasters, or economic opportunities. In many countries more than half of Indigenous individuals now live in urban areas (e.g., about 54% of Indigenous individuals in Canada). Although urban living may provide certain benefits to some, there are many challenges that urban-Indigenous peoples face pertaining to identity formation, acculturation, sense of place, socializing with kin or other Indigenous peoples, and access to culturally-specific health care and traditional spiritual practices.

This presentation provides an overview of these challenges, in an effort to assist psychologists and other professionals who work with Indigenous individuals in urban areas. The presentation aims to be in international in scope, with a focus on Indigenous peoples in Canada and the United States.


Dennis C. Wendt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University