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In-Absentia Poster Submission Form


In-Absentia Posters encourage student participation in the ICP conference, even when they are not able to attend the conference in person. Graduate students who submit In-Absentia posters are automatically entered for review for the Dayan-O'Roark In Absentia Graduate Student Poster Award.

Posters accepted for inclusion in the conference should be printed to be mounted on a 3x4 foot poster board, and sent to the Conference Organizing Committee in Montreal, Canada by June 15, 2018.

Please enter your name and contact information

Poster Information

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  • Poster Title
  • Poster Abstract - no more than 300 words
  • Poster Authors (in the format Author1FirstName Author1Last Name (Author1Institution, Author1 Country), Author2FirstName Author2LastName (Author2Institution, Author2 Country), Author3 (Institution), etc ...)